Below you can see listed all of the Breeders registered with the Purebred Sheep Breeders Association of Nova Scotia who breed Media.

North River farmers win environmental award

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Environmental issues are important to us, and we’re very proud of our award from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

“The Mathewson family has been well known to agriculture for some time working tirelessly to improve their farm and protect the environment,” said Beth Densmore, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

Original story at the Truro Daily News

Farm Focus article

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Take some time to read this engaging article where Ruth talks about what brought her out of the skyscrapers and onto the pasture.

And from the contented look and beaming smile portrayed on her face while calling out to her “girls,” there is no doubt that Mathewson is doing exactly what she wants to be doing and couldn’t be happier for it.

– Original story on Atlantic Farm Focus

Wild and Wooly with Greta and Ruth Mathewson

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Here’s a fun article from Rustik Magazine featuring a bit of Q&A

3) What is your greatest design inspiration? (i.e. nature, person)?
Since the price of wool has not increased in decades, it is certainly an inspiration to utilize the wool from our farm, and due to the increase in interest in our product and the desire to further promote this material, we have established (in 2012) Nova Scotia’s only modern woolen mill, Harmeny Woolen Mill.

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For mother and daughter, being tough is part of the job

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Here’s an article from Rustik Magazine which tells you a bit more about how we came to be and what the future holds.

“The desire to carry on that tradition today has less to do with nostalgia than it has to do with sustainability and good business sense. Wool is a byproduct of lamb production and due to high processing costs, most excess wool is sent to the landfill. By processing the wool themselves, the Mathewsons turn waste into a value added product, benefit the environment, and create a new source of income.”

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