The Benefits of Wool

Pure Natural Wool is one of nature’s best-kept secrets: warm in the winter and cool in the summer offering cozy comfort and durability year ‘round.

Body temperature is regulated because wool is an absorbent fibre – it allows your skin to breathe as you sleep.

In addition, wool is the only fibre that is naturally flame resistant.

Woolies is a small business operated out of Upperbrook Farm. We have raised North Country Cheviot sheep for almost 40 years now and in this time the value of wool has and is seen as minimal. Being of Scottish heritage we appreciate its wonderful characteristics and subsequent benefits. Our sheep are raised for breeding stock with the wool being a byproduct – like turning lemons into lemonaid. Once the sheep are shorn, we wash, pick and card the wool ourselves to use in comforters (from crib to king size), mattress pads, pet beds, thrum knit mittens and slippers as well as other gift items (for oneself or others).

Wool is currently under fire as farmers are having trouble to cover the costs of shearing much less the transportation to the local wool depot. Wool is a miracle fibre though. Its attributes we believe can help us live better healthier lives. Why?

It’s a NATURAL FIBRE: in the winter wool is an insulator to keep your warm by trapping in the warm air but being breathable in the summer to keep you cool .

It’s ABSORBANT: wool fibre is the original wicking fibre in that they can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling heavy or damp.

It’s RESISTANT: to mildew and mold which comes from the way it repels moisture which is required for mold and mildew to live and thrive.

It’s DURABLE: wool fibres resist tearing and can bend back on themselves 20,000 times without breaking. It resists spills, drives very quickly and is resistant.

It’s WRINKLE RESISTANT: it has a natural crimp that helps it keep its shape. Our sheep produce a fleece that is more resilient than other which makes it ideal for our comforters. Other sheep fleeces are more ideal for spinning or other applications.

It’s FLAME RETARDANT: it has natural properties where it can resist flame without chemical treatment making it ideal for bedrooms and attire especially for inflants and fire professionals.

It’s CLEAN: resisting static, dirt and dust, the outside surface consists of overlapping scales making it easy to brush off and for stains to lift out.

It’s HYPO-ALLERGENIC: most people who have an allergy to wool is a reaction to the chemicals that go into the finishing of the conventional wool and/or the length of the fibre of the type of wool. The longer the fibre in my understanding, the kinder it is to one’s skin.

It’s ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: wool is a renewable source in that our sheep are shorn once a year. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than synthetics. Also, it is sustainable given that it is from our free-grazing sheep that are treated ethically (being shorn in the spring before the heat of summer and with time to grow a fleece before the winter’s cold) and with appreciation.

We love our farm and what we do and want to share the natural benefits of our farm, sheep and their wool. With all the various wool activities such as needle-feliting, wet-felting, spinning, knitting and felting, it may be time for wool to be in the spotlight positively.

So wool – why not?