Beat the stress with wool

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An interesting read I was recently forwarded…

“One in four people are currently finding it harder to sleep than they did 12 months ago because of job uncertainties and money worries,” said the British Sleep Council. This stress and lack of sleep can become a downward negative spiral that leads some people to resort to using medication in order to sleep.

Luckily there is an alternative that is natural and doesn’t require medical intervention. This brand new alternative comes in a surprising form: wool!

There are five stages of sleep – stages one to four and Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occur while dreaming. Stage four is the most restful state of sleep, which is when the body regenerates and recuperates from the strains of the day. Wool is proven to give the sleeper 25 percent more stage four sleep than sleeping under synthetic duvets, leaving you feeling healthier and happier.

There are old preconceptions about wool that have been blown away by today’s modern wool products. You can now buy washable and tumble-dryable wool duvets that fit with your modern lifestyle. These duvets allow you to create your own micro-climate, and this more-comfortable sleep environment allows you better, deeper sleep.

This is such a fabulous true story about nature providing all of the tools we need, if only we take the time to find them! Sleeping under wool is a new experience for many – but is the ideal way to combine all the benefits of using a natural sustainable fiber with the enhanced sleep benefits that using a wool blanket or a wool mattress protector can bring.

Remember, wool is SAFE!

American Sheep Industry Association -Reprinted in part from Business Wire