Our comforters consist of 100% Nova Scotian wool that is washed using a mild detergent and dried under the sun. The wool is then carded and hand-knotted in 100% unbleached cotton, to avoid wool from shifting.

Finished comforters may also be used as a mattress pad, giving you the most restful night’s sleep. It fits on top of the mattress and under the bottom sheet.

To launder wool products it is preferable to dryclean.  Although if hand washing, soak in a soapy water utilizing a mild detergent (do not wring or twist) just like washing a wool sweater.  Lightly spin and rinse several times.  NOTE:  if wool is subjected to agitation or hot water followed by cold water (or vice versa), it will shock the natural fibre causing it to felt or shrink dramatically.  We recommend using a comforter cover for easy care.


  • King 104” x 88”
  • Queen 88” x 88”
  • Double 80” x 88”
  • Twin 64” x 88”
  • Crib (with cover) 30” x 40”
  • custom orders welcome
  • Please contact us for pricing

We also make

  • Wool Pillows – with our fleece’s natural loft, you will have the most restful sleep
  • Thrum Mittens and Slippers  – available in infant, child, youth or adult sizes;  using Briggs and Little yarn and “thrums” from our flock, these felt to fit your hands and feet respectively so that they will be toasty warm
  • Sheep Souvenirs – ceramic sheep with a wool coat as well as “tree sheep”
  • Full and Half Aprons – for all encounters in the kitchen (if you are like myself!), or grooming your pets
  • Hand Towels – double panelled
  • Jams & Jellies – most with fruit from our farm (no pesticides used)
  • Pet Beds – which feature 3 layers of wool and 2 layers of cedar chips which are a natural insect repellant and assist with the scent of the bed
  • Hot Water Bottle Covers (with bottle) – created from recycled, natural fibre sweaters, get warm or soothe aching muscles
  • Felted Tea Cozies – there is nothing like a steaming cup of tea with friends or for stealing that quiet moment in a busy day
  • Stadium Pillows – for the hockey rink, church pew or concert, this wool pillow fits inside a cover with velcro closure and nylon handle for easy carry
  • “Magic Bags” – cotton filled bags filled with barley can be put in the freezer or the microwave for cold or warm muscle relief – farm tested!

In addition we carry

  • Natural, Washable Sheepskins – for your couch, car/ATV/motorbike/tractor/18wheeler seat or simply to lay by your bed to start your day on a cozy note
  • 100% Wool Blankets – from MacAusland’s Woolen Mill in PEI where they have been receiving the local wool clip, spinning yarn and weaving since 1932
  • “Soap-In-A-Coat” – naturally dyed wool is wrapped around soap that shrinks with the soap to act as an exfoliant – you’ll never need body wash again (at least till the soap is finished!)
  • Briggs and Little Yarn – 100% wool and 80% wool/20% nylon (for longer wear slippers and socks) in numerous colors available

 Custom orders are welcome!